Tanabata at Kodaiji

Tanabata at Kodaiji

Kodaiji Temple with its extensive gardens which include a bamboo forest and beautiful ponds is a popular Kyoto tourist site. This weekend on 7. and 8. July Kodaiji has a special evening light up event to celebrate Tanabata or the “Star Festival”.

Tanabata celebrates the meeting of two celestial lovers (Orihime and Hikoboshi) who are represented by the stars Vega and Altair. Separated by the Milky Way, these two lovers are allowed to meet only once a year, during Tanabata. It’s a nice time to see the gardens illuminated to create an otherworldly effect.

Tanabata at Kodaiji

Kodaiji is a great place to visit during the daytime as well! You can relax on the many benches, eat green tea ice cream and enjoy the colourful strips of paper, where people write their wishes on, hanging from the decorated bamboo branches. The road leading to Kodaiji also has lots of attractive traditional shops and restaurants, too.

You don’t want to miss this romantic Tanabata at Kodaiji.

Information about the Star Festival

When: 7th & 8th July, Illumination from 5pm

Entrance fee: 600 yen