How to Onsen

How to Onsen

One of the must-dos to experience Japanese culture at first hand is taking a hot bath in one of Japan’s many hot springs!
But how to onsen without breaking any rules?
For some of you it might be the first time to go to an onsen in Japan and so to wash away any worries you might have, we want to explain some simple rules and tips on: how to onsen !

These "How to Onsen" Tips will make your Onsen Experience a Relaxing one

Basically there are two different types of onsen, but our “how to onsen” guide is valid for both of them.

Hot Spring Onsen:
These hot spring types, thanks to Japan’s many volcanoes, occur naturally all across the country. 

Sento, bath houses are for public use, because in the past Japanese homes didn’t typically come with a bathtub. Instead the locals gathered at the sento to take a bath, chat and relax. There are many sento around Guest House hachi. 

What to bring: towel, hair tie (if you have long hair), fresh clothes (optional),  toiletries & skin care products (optional)


Take of your shoes, put them into the lockers and pay the entrance fee either by using a ticket machine or directly at the counter. After that head to the dressing room.
女 is the character for the female dressing room. 
男 is the character for the male dressing room.


Get naked!
Put your belongings in one of the lockers, lock it and take your key with you. The only thing that is allowed in the bath is a towel and toiletries which you can get free of charge from us at Guest House hachi so you don’t have to pay a towel rental fee.


Wash up in the shower before going into the hot bathtub. There are small bath chairs that you can sit on while showering. Please give them a little rinse after using. 
The most important thing to keep in mind is that you rinse all the shampoo and soap off your body.


Hit into the hot water and enjoy. Please remember not to disturb others. So no spashing, jumping or talking loudly. 
Another important thing is that your head should be over the water, your hair and towel should not touch the water. You will see Japanese people sometimes ignoring these rules, but please do not ! 


When you’re finished you can dry off with your towel, before going back to the dressing room. Just make sure not to wet the floor of the dressing room. 


Hop into your clothes again. Here you can now blow-dry your hair and put on some skin care if you want! Your skin will feel super nice after the onsen.

Now that you have studied our “how to onsen” guide, you are ready to explore the sento in the neighbourhood of Guest House hachi. 

Click here to check out the sento in our neighbourhood !

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