Happy Birthday hachi !

Today marks exactly one year since we opened Guest House hachi and looking back,
we all had an amazing first year here. 
We would like to say happy birthday hachi
and for the many new friends and wonderful memories we made in the past year.

How it all Started!

We found the building where Guest House hachi is today in August 2016, after searching for a whole year.
The location in the secret and historical Shimabara neighborhood
and the short distance to Kyoto Station was a big plus for our decision. 

Unfortunately, the building was empty for almost 10 years and needed a big makeover.
It took a while with the planning until we finally started the big DIY project in January 2017.

The renovation process was quite a tiring time and it felt like it would never end.
However, we had lots of fun and friends helping us out. In July 2017 we were ready for our first guests!

Here are some Pictures of the Renovation

We were naïve to think that after the opening we wouldn’t have to do DIY anymore.
But we thought wrong and with plenty new ideas to improve the well being of our guests,
it is a constant process of smaller DIY projects that keep us busy all year long.

Happy birthday hachi ! 

Looking forward to meeting more wonderful people here! 
Please make your reservation directly with us to get the best rates.