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Kyoto Central Wholesale Market

Events at the Kyoto Wholesale Market

Events such as the Shokusai-ichi, summer festival, hot pot festival, etc. the Kyoto Central Wholesale Market offers you an insight into the kitchen of Kyoto that is rarely experienced by visitors of the ancient city. 


The annual international photography festival takes place every year from April to March and venues have also been established around the Kyoto Central Wholesale Market. The rough buildings create a unique atmosphere for displaying art. 


These retro cafes are a highlight of every Kyoto trip and give you a glimpse into the real lives of the locals.  

A kissaten with an impressive interior that makes visitors feel like they’ve traveled back to the 70s. 
From the large window seats, visitors can see people passing through the Nishi-Shichijo Shopping Street.

8:00 – 18:00
Closed on Sundays

Great coffee and delicious curry to some jazzy tunes in this old-school kissaten.

11:30 – 18:30 
Irregular holidays

Busy with workers of the Kyoto Wholesale Market this retro cafe offers great food.

6:00 – around noon
Closed on Sundays and National Holidays


Early when the market is lively, this coffee shop offers a calm atmosphere to relax.

5:00 – 13:00 
Closed on Sundays and National Holidays

Cafe & Sweets

A renovated Kyomachiya building turned to a cafe offering
hachimitsu (honey) based muffins, baked goods, etc.

8:00 – 17:00 (LO 16:40)
Closed on Wednesdays

This small shop focuses on homemade dishes such as shaved ice, pacakes, pasta and many drinks.

11:00 – 17:30 (LO 17:00)
Irregular Holidays

Small organic matcha stand serving great matcha latte. Visitors can either enjoy their drinks inside or to go.

12:00 – 18:00
Irregular Holidays

This fruit shop sells seasonal fruits form the market. The frozen fruit drinks and popsicles are great in summer.

10:00 – 18:00
Closed on Wednesdays and Sundays

Eateries ( recommended for breakfast or lunch)

The day at the Kyoto Wholesale Market starts before dawn and many local restaurants cater to the people working in the market.
Don’t hesitate to join the buyers and sellers in those restaurants for an authentic experience. 

This Japanese set meal restaurant offers everything from fresh sashimi to fried food.

5:00 – 13:00 
Closed on Sundays and National Holidays

Delicious fish dishes are served in this retro
Japanese set meal restaurant.

7:00 – 11:00頃 
Closed on Sundays + 2nd and 4th Wednesdays

A retro Japanese set meal restaurant with delicious soba, udon and rice bowls from early in the morning on.

5:30 – 13:00
Closed on Sundays + 2nd and 4th Wednesdays

An all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet with eight kinds of obanzai, pickles, miso soup and rice using ingredients purchased from the market.

7:00 – 11:00 
Closed on Wednesdays and Sundays

Other Eateries

Fresh seafood from the market.
TUE & FRI(17:00 – 21:00)standing bar.

11:00 – 15:00 (LO 14:30)
Closed on Sundays and National Holidays

The owners choose the fish carefully every morning at the market.

10:30 – 22:00 (LO 21:30)
10:30 – 15:00 (Lunch)
No closing dates

From early mornings on this Japanese set meal shop offers a big variety of dishes. 

月〜土 5:00 – 20:00
日・祝日 7:30 – 14:00
No closing dates


The old employee dormitory and warehouse of the Kyoto Wholesale Market has been turned into a space
with a studio gallery for young contemporary artists holding special exhibitions.