The Season of Hydrangea

The rainy season in Japan has a bad reputation for being, well, rainy and wet. Nevertheless, June is the only time of the year where you can still enjoy the “cooler” air after the incredible heat and humidity will hit Japan for the next few months.  Visitors avoiding Japan in June are all missing out the wonderful hydrangeas that only bloom during this month. Kyoto’s many gardens and even roadsides turn into a colorful burst of pink, white, blue and purple flowers.


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Here are some beautiful spots to enjoy the ajsai (hydrangea) in Kyoto. 


Usually known for the autumn foliage the gardens of Sanzen-in are also a perfect spot to enjoy the ajisai flowers. Head over to the village of Ohara around mid-June to be surrounded by 1000 hydrangea in the mountains.

Hydrangeas path /  Kyoto Sanzenin temple

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The temple known as the flower temple is one of the top spots to see the colorful hydrangea in June. Located in the northern part of Uji City surrounded by cedars the garden is a showcase of over 50 hydrangea species.

Blooming of hydrangeas and umbrellas

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Umenomiya Taisha 

Famous for plum, iris and hydrangea, the shrine in West Kyoto is a wonderful place to enjoy hydrangea during the whole month of June. The 1300 plants and 140 different species of hydrangea bloom throughout the whole month of June so you will definitely see some. Even guests who arrive in late June.


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Ajisai Matsuri at Fujinomori Shrine

The Fujinomori Shrine in the south of Kyoto has its own Hydrangea Festival and showcases 3500 plants blooming in June. Don’t miss the musical performances, offerings to the gods, taiko drum performances, poetry readings and dances.
Check out their homepage for the line-up for 2019:

Hydrangeas at Fujinomori-jinja in Kyoto

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