Shine Bright Like a Firefly

With the many rivers, creeks, ponds and canals in Kyoto, guests who visit the ancient capital around the beginning until the middle of June can enjoy some evenings with the shining fireflies.


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The team of Guest House hachi has put up a top 6 list to see the mysterious creatures in the dark. Btw, it is really hard to find good pictures of fireflies…

1. Philosopher’s Path
A popular spot in Kyoto, close to Ginkaku-ji and easy to access from downtown the green environment and 2kms of canal along the Philosopher’s path is a wonderful point to see the fireflies.


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2. Sosuibunsen (Shimogamo Canal)
Along the the canal you will definitely see many fireflies.

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3. Town of Shinto Priests Family, Kamigamo Jinja
This spot might be a bit more difficult to find using google as the name where the canal flows is known as Myojingawa (明神川). Either search “town of shinto priests family” or the Kanji characters and this will lead you to the spot where you will see the insects.
fireflies (Kamigamo-shrine, Kyoto)

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4. Takaragaike
The big pond at the end of the Karasuma Subway Line is a well known spot for watching fireflies. What many people won’t tell you though is that there is a spot just north of the pond called “Tsubaki no Michi” where you can see a few more along the Iwakura River.
5. Kiyotaki
This is definitely not an easy spot to reach at night, but definitely worth it if you have some time and courage !
6. Daikaku-ji
One of our favorite spots is the pond Osawaike and Arisu River near the Daikaku-ji. You will definitely enjoy the fireflies here.
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