How to use a Japanese Onsen (Hot Spring)

One of the must-dos if you want to experience Japanese culture at first hand is taking a nice hot bath in one of Japan’s many Hot Springs! For some of you it might be the first time to go to an onsen in Japan and so to wash away any worries you might have, we […]

Aoi Matsuri

Every 15th of May the annual Aoi Matsuri takes place in Kyoto. Being one of the three big festivals of the city, visitors should not miss this opportunity when the procession starts at the Imperial Palace and moves on to the two northern Shrines (Kamigamo and Shimogamo Shrine) where the messenger of the emperor appeases […]

Popular Kyoto Souvenirs

A trip to Japan is always a special one. So special for me indeed that after visiting Japan six times, I finally decided to stay. During my travels I filled up my already bursting suitcase with loads of souvenirs so I could always remember my experiences and also let my beloved ones at home taste […]

Top 10 Hanami Spots in Kyoto

Just as important as the Japanese weather forecast these days – or even slightly more – are the sakura or cherry blossoms forecast which is all over the media. The forecast about where and when the cherry trees will bloom is a science for itself, predictions being as accurate as of analyzing the exact day […]