Our beloved Otagi Nenbutsu-ji

When friends come to visit us outside from Kyoto there is one temple we like to take them to. From all the temples in Kyoto this one is by far our favorite to relax and have fun. Fun? At a temple? Otagi Nenbutsu-ji is still a secret to many people, mainly due to the fact […]

Ohara – the mysterious town in the north of Kyoto

We all know that there is a place up in the north of Kyoto called Ohara. But how many people actually made it to the town surrounded by forests and mountains? Is this another amazing spot for travelers to avoid the crowds in Kyoto to experience the zen atmosphere? Yes, but not only that. You […]

Hachi’s Top 8 Spots for Autumn

As we are preparing ourselves for the busy autumn season at hachi, we came up with a top 8 list for our guests to spot the wonderful maple trees turning red in Kyoto. Popular spots such as Kiyomizu-dera, Tenryu-ji, Kodai-ji and several other temples are well known, but therefore very crowded. So here is a […]

How to avoid crowded Kyoto city buses

With the high season kicking in Kyoto the chances are high that you will end up riding a crowded bus. Although the weather is perfect in autumn (actually all year around) for a wonderful bicycle ride to the sights, the train and subway system in Kyoto can also help you reach your destination. Your starting […]

No more ticket confusion – IC cards in Japan

Do you also find it hard sometimes to get the right train ticket in Japan? How much is it from here to there? With train line is it? JR line? Metro? Bus? There is a very simple solution to that: IC cards!   Easy traveling The IC card is a prepaid transportation card, that will […]

Happy birthday, hachi!

Today marks exactly one year since we opened Guest House hachi and looking back, we all had an amazing first year here. Within the last year, we made many new friends and created wonderful memories. I think, with this occasion, it is a good time to tell you how it all started.   We found the […]

Gion Matsuri in Kyoto

It is the month of July, a very important month for Kyoto because it’s the month of Gion Matsuri! You might have heard of it before since the Gion Matsuri Festival is one of the biggest and most famous festivals in all Japan. This festival actually originated for rather tragical reasons, because it started as […]

Romantic Star Festival (Tanabata) at Kodai-ji Temple

Kodai-ji Temple with its extensive gardens which include a bamboo forest and beautiful ponds is a popular Kyoto tourist site. This weekend on 7. and 8. July Kodai-ji Temple has a special evening light up event to celebrate Tanabata or the “Star Festival”. Tanabata celebrates the meeting of two celestial lovers (Orihime and Hikoboshi) who […]

Kyoto’s largest Machiya 2min away from hachi!

Sumiya Motenashi Art Museum Just two minutes walking from Guest House hachi you will come across a large wooden building, not only beautiful from outside, but from the inside as well! The building is Sumiya Motenashi, now open to public as a Cultural and Art Museum, used to be a very high-end restaurant, where Geisha […]

Mifune Matsuri (Three Boat Festival)

Mifune Matsuri (Three Boat Festival) takes place on this week’s Sunday. It is hosted by a small shrine named Kurumazaki-jinja, that worships gods for artistic talent. The festival starts there at 12:30 with a ritual, where people dress up in ancient Heian costumes, they then proceed to Arashiyama’s famous Togetsu-kyo Bridge and board about 25 […]