About us Takuji Onur fist met Osaka

About us

Takuji and Onur first met in Osaka in 2015 while Onur came to Japan for a working holiday after he had graduated from university in Germany and Takuji just had quit his international sales job at a cosmetics manufacturer in Nagoya to return back to his hometown in Kansai.

Shortly after meeting both had decided to open up hachi in Kyoto. The search for their building took a whole year, including lots of internet searches for the perfect building and even more cycling in Kyoto to find empty houses that are unlisted on the internet.

After finding the perfect building the big renovation of the 90-year-old Kyoto townhouse began in January 2017 and took about 7 months while Takuji continued working 6 days a week in his teaching job and Onur started his Master’s Program in Kyoto and working a part-time job. Both definitely had misunderstood that renovating an old traditional wooden house and starting a business wouldn’t be as easy as shown on YouTube or written on blogs. From mistakes, like painting the capsule beds of their former dormitory room in black, literally resembling a coffin, the time was important for both to grow and learn about their work and relationship. Although it was a lot of hard work and long nights, with the help of their friends and family members the time passed quickly and hachi finally opened in July 2017. 

Takuji and Onur created hachi to be a place for people to enjoy themselves just the way they are. Regardless of their nationality, gender, religion, sexuality or any other personal background. 

After 3 eventful and intense years hachi had opened its doors, Takuji and Onur witnessed the beauty their guests and also have encountered some entertaining stories.
However, covid-19 disrupted their lives and initiated them to rethink their choices and lifestyles. The decision to move into hachi permanently was made in June 2020 and pull back from the guesthouse business as they operated for the last years. Instead, Takuji and Onur now open their personal house for a few guests to experience living in a traditional Japanese townhouse with them.

What really is inspiring is that Takuji and Onur have used the destructive energy of covid-19  to reflect what was important for them in the first place. Their core values of a harmonized, diverse and caring world is more present than ever in their new projects (links to the new projects can be found below.). The time of standstill was much needed for their new ideas. Takuji and Onur are incredibly excited to start their new projects and keep on connecting with the world.

What we do

Additionally to hachi Takuji and Onur are working on their online magazine offsʌɪt and their lifestyle brand monoloc. Their showroom offsʌɪt studio will be located inside hachi and function as a shop for other D2C brands’ products that are also focusing on sustainable and ethical values. The space will embody the style and concept of offsʌɪt.

offsʌɪt : biography of fragments
An online blog/magazine that focuses on the stories of individuals effort in making the world a better place. The importance is finding the why instead of the what or how. offsʌɪt aims to understand the essence of humans as kind and caring. 

monoloc: celebrating diversity of lifestyles
The lifestyle brand monoloc will be an expression of us celebrating diversity of lifestyles through our clothing line and other items complementing our collection. With a focus on sustainable and ethical production processes we believe that every lifestyle cares for a better world.